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Sam Bull

Sam is an illustrator and surface pattern designer living in the heart of Cheshire with her border collie, Xena (after the Warrior Princess!) and fiancé. She works mostly with gouache paint to create brightly coloured illustrations with lots of lovely textures.


Originally from South Africa, Sam moved to the UK when she was 7 and has mostly lived in Cheshire since, apart from 3 years in Liverpool while studying Illustration and Graphic Design. Sam is made up to be back in Cheshire where both forest and countryside walks are just around the corner! In any way she can, Sam makes an effort to reduce waste and one use plastic with the products she makes.


All greeting cards are printed in small batches to avoid any waste, she makes sure to source the best quality paper for printing which is also recycled and only when absolutely necessary does she use biodegradable cellophane sleeves. All greeting cards can be customised with a name and/or message of your choice!

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