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Our Autumn Collection

We had fun curating our Autumn collection in preparation for the best season of the year. Click here to go straight to it...


trees prepare for long winter.

Leaves fall, golden brown,

without a sound

and yet

no... nothing,

but the whispers of the wind, taunting.

I once thought,

thought I heard,

a word or two

lashing past these fearful murmurs quickly flew

winter's coming!

winter's coming, cried they

and all at once the forest had it's say

with mournful song it seemed

the high and fitful cries among the young

with steady disagreement here and there

chorused still with that fateful breeze

the elders seemed not deny their want for sleep

but hated chaos that ice and snow would surely reap

but one great oak,

smiled without a care.

wracked and bent with age

yet still,

he stands alone

and mocks his lamented brothers


The colours, the nature, the soft magic of Autumn make it my favourite season of the year.

I'm looking forward to hot apple pies, long country walks and reintroducing a well-loved scarf collection back into the wardrobe!

Tomato soup and roasted marshmallows and caramelised walnuts and wood-smoke and golden hours that stretch into dusk then yawn into clear starry skies.

It was a pleasure to go through our locally hand-made treasures and curate a collection of the most Autumn-worthy items. Click here to see what we picked...