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I fixed the toaster

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

Photo by Calum Lewis on Unsplash

i fixed the toaster

the question wasn't how

so much as "when"

or more specifically

since when?

as in how long was it before you fixed it?

for how many days, weeks

or let's not lie


did you put it off,

dreaming of a new toaster

in all it's toasting glory

a new toaster will bring me happiness

some part of you said

a new toaster will make my kitchen "feel" better

bargain cheap for £10? or do i go deluxe oooo how about

a kettle and toaster matching set

well i like those

but there's nothing wrong with my kettle

there's nothing wrong with your toaster

a small part of your brain said

if only you'd fix it

all those times fishing toast out of metal teeth with a metal knife

exactly what you learnt in primary school

not to do

months later it took how long?

20 minutes


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