Bea's adventure at the seaside

A travel journal by Lucy's Little Bears

Dear friends,

We went all the way to Ilfracombe it was very, very windy and it rained a little bit too but that didn't stop us from having a lovely walk along a sandy beach and along the harbour.

Then we climbed a big hill where i spotted a cove with grey sand. When we got closer we saw it was tiny grey stones, not sand and we looked really really hard and found lots of Sea Glass and some lovely little shells which looked iridescent.

Mona climbed up a big rock and she found some barnacles, I think the tide must come up really high there.

Until next time,

Bea Bunny 

P.S. we brought back some treasure to show our friends!

This website will self-implode on June 19th 2020. So long and thanks for all the fish.

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