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Where does our Waste go? (Cheshire West and Chester)

There's a misconception floating around that everything you put in the bin goes to landfill. You'll see a lot of stats that say things like "every piece of plastic that's ever been made is still out there". Whilst, of course, I'm all for spreading awareness and the shock factor that's necessary for stats like these to have an impact is understandable, what I'm less cool with is people at the grassroots activism level using these as 'facts' and underestimating their audience (aka us). 


Here's a response I received from Cheshire West and Chester Council and a further response to my follow up e-mail... (the highlights are made by me)

First e-mail dated: 08/06/2017

I am writing to you in response to your enquiry regarding the reprocessing of non-recyclable materials collected from households within the Cheshire West and Chester borough.


FCC provides the Authority with a single delivery point for waste located at Chapterhouse Close, Ellesmere Port.


Chapterhouse Close operates as a materials recycling facility that treats the waste deposited and produces a refuse derived fuel (RDF).


The treatment process involves the waste being shredded with smaller fractions, less than 40mm, separated and currently disposed of at landfill. The waste is then passed through a magnet to remove any metals which are then sent for recycling. The remainder of the waste is then taken from site as RDF.


The RDF is then taken to an Energy from Waste Plant (EfW) where it is incinerated to generate both electricity and heat.


The Waste Management Team are looking into providing further information regarding the treatment of non-recyclable waste on our Website so this information should be available to view in further detail very soon.


If you have any further queries in the meantime, please can you let me know or e-mail enquiries@cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk.

Second e-mail dated: 18/04/2018

I can confirm that the fragments less than 40mm (fines) don’t go to landfill, they get mixed in with the RDF waste and sent for thermal treatment.  The thermal treatment facility (SSE Ferrybridge) have a specific acceptance criteria so FCC have to ensure that all waste sent to them meets the criteria (a good mix).  The  fines get spread throughout a load, or sent back through the process, but nothing goes to landfill.


If you have any further queries in the meantime, please can you let me know or e-mail enquiries@cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk.

Where does our Waste go? (Cheshire East)

Thankfully Cheshire East Council has a much better website which clearly confirms that non-recyclable waste is "processed at Energy from Waste facilities and used to create electricity which goes in to the National Grid". Link here.