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These 3 things drive me nuts...

  1. Why is everything made of plastic? 

  2. Why is everything wrapped in plastic??

  3. Why does everything come from so far away?!?

You're probably here because they drive you nuts too. 


Well don't worry, we're gonna make it stupid easy to find plastic-free, locally made products. 


Chester Creatives is a collective of eco-friendly, independent craftspeople and small businesses who live local to Cheshire & nearby.


Having as many of us as we can get on one site makes it so much easier for like-minded people like yourself to find us and shop to your hearts content, safe in the knowledge that you're supporting local and sustainable businesses.


We promote the use of recycled/reclaimed/thrifted materials wherever possible as there's already so much stuff in the world.


We also LOVE zero-waste living, and support our local zero-waste stores as often as we can.

I hope you enjoy looking around,

Heather x

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